A Dimmendark of unimaginable power, the Myrkenwall is a solid wall of night moving towards Northrend.

The conjurer Aginmot of the Cabal of the Eye said this of the Myrkenwall:

I have read an ancient tome, contained in the library of the Dark Tower, which speaks of the power to occlude the sun, but the author himself, Mejik Spellspinner, founder of the Cabal and one of the most powerful beings to ever walk this plane, did not even believe it possible. The ritual as he described it would require unbelievable power, unwavering concentration, and a focus made of true moonstone…not the gem, nothing so cheap: a stone broken off from the moon itself. It would have to be initiated during a full eclipse of the sun, and would cause that eclipse to continue unending, to grow and move as a wall of solid darkness; a Dimmendark, which the sun cannot pierce.

If one walks this world with the power to summon a Dimmendark, what are we but insects to him? The Cabal of the Eye exists to study magic and its uses, and for four hundred years we have collected the threads of arcane power, but never could we do this. Mejik and his apprentice, the Spellscarred Summoner, were more powerful than the entire White Lotus Academy at their height, yet neither of them believed they could even survive the conjuring of a Dimmendark!

He did speak of many ways to disrupt the ritual during its initial casting. But only one method could be efficacious if the Dimmendark has grown to this level of power: you must find the moonstone focus and cast upon it something called ‘the light of the sun at midnight.’ More than that I do not know.


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