Hammer of the Five Clans

A group of five Dragonborn adventurers who served the Five Clans Nation during the Third Year War. They carried the Heirlooms of Mazgorax for their clans.

Members, and the items they carried:

Kheljis Tiburcaex of the Goldscale Clan, bearer of Keicha’s Amulet

Arjhan Bherghav of the Redmark Clan, bearer of Matrakk’s Lenses

Kriv Praddhu of the Rimefire Clan, bearer of Rhovikar’s Weapon

Rhogar Alreja of the Spellscale Clan, bearer of the Symbol of Gajz

Torrin Duggal of the Earthheart Clan, bearer of Skaivani’s Anklets

Hammer of the Five Clans

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