Draigdurroch's Journal

(found in Draigdurroch’s hidden study)

The journal begins with Draigdurroch’s repetition of the story of the final battle between Kayereth and Belos in the heart of the Wildwood. Having already established pacts with several ancient vestiges (although not Nerull, former God of the Dead, though he mentions that “owning” the Vestige of a God would guarantee his own demi-godhood, and thus he lets people believe he does have such a pact), the ambitious dwarf decides to forge a vestige pact with whichever spirit remains most powerful. After some correspondence with other members of what he refers to only as the Cabal of the Eye, who condone his studies and order him to report back anything he discovers, he decides to set out for the “primitive North.”

The journal details his departure from Raj Tal by caravan with several well-paid retainers, and his arrival in Delwyn some time later, by way of the King’s Road despite his vehement “recommendations” that the Caravan Master take Merrick’s Cross instead. He mentions meeting “a backwoods two-bit ritualist named Ku’ugun” (evidently a pun in Dwarven) before setting off into the Wildwood with his men. With the aid of a few ritual-enhanced building materials, he raises his “magnificent” tower and is able to send most of his workers back to Delwyn (but not before a few of them run off on their own), retaining only two older men as his household servants.

Now he begins detailing his research in earnest, beginning with his first few forays into the deeper forest in search of communication with Kayereth and Belos. He rather quickly encounters the Vestige of Kayereth, “dancing a weeping waltz with the ghosts of his fellow pitiful courtiers.” Here Draigdurroch’s script becomes angry and jagged, ripping the pages in a few places as he recounts the stupidity of the ghost and its inability to confront its condition and grant the warlock any of its remaining power. He goes off in search of Belos instead.

While having difficulty making contact with Belos’s Vestige, Draigdurroch is visited by someone completely unexpected: an emissary from the Feywild. This living Eladrin claims to represent the Winter Court, Archfey of the Feywild’s Everwinter North, and offers Draigdurroch an interesting bargain: Leave off searching for vestiges in the Wildwood, and he would be granted a fey pact with the Prince of Frost himself. Draigdurroch recounts with pride his feigned pleas for a fortnight in which to prepare himself for taking on this new pact, while really hoping for time in which to consider his options. With the extra time grudgingly granted, he first returns to Northrend for a perusal of the royal library (and the theft of several volumes relating to the Winter Court). Returning to his tower by way of Merrick’s Cross, with only a few days remaining before his next visitation, you find his final entry:

“I traveled too far down the road, forgetting to summon the Hand of Fate until I had reached the Crossroads. That idiot caravan driver had mentioned the Crossroads on Merrick’s Cross in fear as an excuse to not cut an entire month off our journey to Northrend, so I was rather interested to see what it really was. At first I thought it just two roads meeting amid a circle of menhirs, but once I set foot within that circle I knew: this was a Thin Place. That’s why the other roads, east and west….well, who knows. I need to study that place further. I had no time today, for once I recognized the thinness, I sensed something else. I think it was a sending, a vision from the Eye. A new vestige, a powerful vestige, was calling out to me from across the thinness. I could not discern its name, but it is without a doubt the remnant of a Greater God. I quested further, hoping to at least touch its power, but it left me with just one thought before slipping away: an urge to study the skill of prophecy. I confess I was left shaken. Nevertheless, if this is the Vestige that the Winter Court demands I not seek, I fear they have underestimated me. I will take this Pact with the Pale Prince, but it will not stop me from seeking out this Vestige of a God. Let them TRY to punish ME, Draigdurroch, Warlock of the Eye!”

Draigdurroch's Journal

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