Young Mithral Dragon of the Dragon’s Range.

His monologue: “Stop! Clearly you are more than a match for me! But I should have known, once I saw that little trinket [he nods toward ”/wikis/cide" class=“wiki-page-link”>Cide]. The sunbladed dagger is the sign I was given, the sign of your appearing. You have finally come, my champions! I am Ancalagon!

“Over a hundred years ago, when I was but a hatchling, I had my first vision. I saw the World, covered in an arcane winter. The bitter cold and driving ice had destroyed all life, and the sun’s light could not pierce the Long Night. I resolved to dedicate my life to making sure that vision never came to pass, and I was rewarded but days later with another vision: a vision of a young mortal who could turn the tide against the forces of cold, the ”/wikis/wintertouched" class=“wiki-page-link”>Wintertouched and their dread lord, the Prince of Frost. I spent my young life searching for that mortal, combing the prophecies for word of his birth. Along the way I discovered that others had already taken up my quest: The Emerald Order, dedicated to preserving the balance and seeing that Winter does not overtake the world. They proved valuable servants in my search. When I finally found the prophesied mortal, in my human form I took him from his dying mother and hid him from the Wintertouched, with a young warrior of the Emerald Order, to be raised in secret with no knowledge of his destiny. Of your destiny, Inad Samuel, supposed son of my loyal servant Varis."

Member of the Emerald Order.


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