Valanthe Sgiathatch

Drow Ranger


Valanthe Sgiathatch was born of Quarion and Drusilia Sgiathatch 220 years ago. Her parents were rangers who lived in and protected the outskirts of the drow frontier community of Weilgeoth. The family was of the house of Am’thos, not a well-known within the greater drow community, but easily the most powerful in the town of Weilgeoth. Their duty station put them near an entrance to the surface world. As a child, Valanthe would sneak up top and observe the strange creatures above, sometimes even playing with wood elven children. Though she was never formally trained as a ranger, the realities of her childhood made killing aberrations second nature to her.

At the age of 15, Valanthe’s parents were killed in a particularly brutal assault on the city. Afterward, she was looked over by her slightly older sister, Vadania, who was training to become a priestess. Today Vadania is highly respected among the drow. Though the two had no real falling out, they are estranged from one another.

Valanthe went on to study archaeology and anthropology, becoming a professor at the Erelhei Cinlu Academy for Higher Learning. She began to teach about her discoveries that elf populations were disappearing all over the world, and preaching that the three races must reunite if they are to continue to exist. This made her quite unpopular with the xenophobic high council. Ximo Siannodel, the politically ambitious headmaster at the School, had her discredited and fired.

Today, Valanthe wanders the overworld looking for evidence that could explain the disappearance of the elves.

Valanthe Sgiathatch

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