Beldon Gladstone

Halfling Sorcerer


Beldon is 3’3, 46 lbs. His unusually hairy for halfling, and has a big, bushy beard, big bushy eyebrows, and a shock of white hair that stands straight up on his head.


Beldon Gladstone was born tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands of years ago. Long enough ago that there is no trace of the civilization from which he came; the rivers, the mountains, whole species of plants and animals have come and gone, leaving the modern world completely unrecognizable to him. Though we have no record of his home or his people, he’s happy enough to tell us all about them:

Beldon was born in a small halfling community in a land known as River’s Heart. In those days, sorcerers were far more common (though magic was a lot less powerful than it is now). River’s Heart, in particular, seemed to be a hotbed of sorcerery: nearly 40 percent of children born there had some level of inherent power.

From an early age, Beldon particularly excelled at harnessing and mastering his powers. As a young man, he founded what he refers to as the School of Worldly and Other Worldly Sorcerery Study (more a monastery than a school in the modern sense). He was known across the land as the most noble and powerful sorcerer of his time. After training several generations of sorcerers to master their powers, he more or less retired from teaching to focus full-time on meditation. He left his school in the hands of his eldest daughter and most accomplished disciple, Diamond Thorngage.

Although Beldon considers himself to have no enemies, there were a few who considered him their enemy, if only because they wanted to challenge his standing as the most powerful magician of his age. One of those was Guldor Khalazza, a drow sorcerer and another former disciple of Beldon’s. After several decades of trying to kill Beldon, Guildor appeared one day to have succeeded, completely discorporating every atom in the old half-ling’s body …

It took many thousands of years, but finally Beldon was able to will his body back together. He does not remember any of the years since this incident; his memories and body reflect only the first 121 years he lived in River’s Heart. He simply awoke, claiming to feel “well-rested.” He recognizes little of the modern world, and does not even speak Common. He is struggling to come to terms with how much more powerful the magic of the world has become since his disappearance, but he is excited to learn as much as possible.

Beldon Gladstone

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