A New Beginning

Far to the west, across the Great Sea, a third continent of Erath lies, unknown to all but a few loremasters of Soltana and Mithyria. Journey now to Lako Lar and find a new land of dangers and trials as we explore the remains of the United Empire of Untza.

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The Stuff of Legends

Have you heard? Bards throughout Soltana and Mithyria are singing a song of adventurers who lived over a thousand years ago: The Ballad of the Warwing Army!

Explore The Nairn Alliance

Our current campaign takes us to the civilized continent of Soltana, in the Southern Hemisphere of the natural world. We will explore the fertile farmlands surrounding the mighty Nairn River and the complex geopolitical organizations that have sprung up in a land where food is cheap and monsters few and far between.

Who are our intrepid heroes?

  • The Human Monk Grey
  • The Human Warden Boswell Baines
  • The Halfling Rogue Keira Boatrider
  • The Half-Elf Bard Glynnith’wd
  • The Human Druid Moss

What has changed in the decades since the Warwing Guard adventured across Mithyria? Read about the Trinity Nameless and the Winterdark.

Fall of The White Lotus Academy

The White Lotus Academy was utterly destroyed over a hundred years before the rise of the Warwing Guard in Northrend, in a mysterious cataclysm later claimed to be an act of The Spellscarred Summoner. How? ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!! While we never did discover who set the zombie plague in motion, the heroic sacrifice of two paladins, Nogal and Graven Deathborn, brought the plague to an end by extinguishing all life within the boundaries of the Academy. A small band of heroes escaped, but to where? We may never know…

Return to the World of Northrend

Northrend, in the far north of the continent Mithyria, is a safe haven for adventurers, but danger lurks throughout the world, and our brave Warwing Guard has ventured forth to find it.

What has gone before:

  • Only a few months past, a Myrkenwall of arcane myth descended upon Northrend in the same day that King Aurion was murdered and Crown Prince Brand struck down with poison. Aginmot the Poisoner later revealed that the only way he would end the threat to Brand’s life was if the Warwing Guard brought back the missing Draigdurroch, dead or alive.
  • The Warwing Guard traveled north and slew Vlad Dracul, the Eldest Vampire, and brought down his Dimmendark. During this quest, Armand came into possession of the sword called Soulthief. True to its name, the sword stole a part of Armand’s soul at the first opportunity, making itself an unwilling phylactery. Soulthief’s true nature, origins, and intentions are as yet unknown…
  • After the death of Vlad Dravul, the Raven Queen revealed that the Curse of Vampirism cannot be so easily destroyed. She instructed the Warwing Guard to find the Book of Vecna, bring it to her Great Temple in the Shadowfell, and lift the curse once and for all.
  • For months, Inad Samuel has dreamed of his past life and the woman he shared it with, the Eladrin Sharaea. Now, his dreams indicate that she has also been reborn into the world, and her mother, the Summer Queen Tiandra, may be at risk of attack from the Prince of Winter.
  • The Warwing Guard traveled into the Feywild, to Brokenstone Vale, where they again heard mention of the name of Draigdurroch. Werewolves attacked them for stealing a precious artifact, the Moonstone Dagger, last link between them and their goddess Sehanine — and they knew this because a dwarf warlock named Draigdurroch told them so….
  • In Borderguard Keep, the Warwing Guard were too late to find Draigdurroch, but discovered a journal indicating he was taking the Moonstone Dagger to the Demonforges of the ruined city Cendriane, once Reshi Stormlord’s stronghold and now called Vor Rukoth, City of the Dead.
  • Only hours into their exploration of Cendriane, the Warwing Guard ventured into an arcanely-guarded mausoleum, a shrine to the Maimed God of Secrets, Vecna. There they encountered a powerful Archlich who suggested he would give them knowledge of the Book of Vecna if they would destroy Najala’s Gate, deep in the heart of Cendriane. To lead them to the artifact, he sent his Dwarf Cleric, Gotrek.
  • Back in the streets of the desecrated city, the Warwing Guard met the Lord of Cendriane, a Vampire Lich named Kvothe, bearer of the Blackcape. They fought him well, but without destroying his phylactery, they know he’ll be back…

Our PCs:

Inad SamuelDiary of Secrets

Ghesh BherghavDragonheart’s Journal


KarashAssassin’s Creed

CideThe Exploits of the Kalme Aarde as told by Cide Goodbottle

GorgaWar Journal

GotrekBook of the Servant of Vecna

Occasional PCs:

KishkumanThe Wizard’s Spellbook

Our Villains:

D’Angelo Redcape (deceased)

Thomas Jade (deceased)

Corben (deceased)

The Stormcrow Company (deceased)

Marius (deceased)

Vlad Dracul (deceased)

Kamahl (deceased)

The Prince of Frost

Orcus, Demon Prince of the Undead


I just updated a bunch of pages to show resolution of the events comprising the Hunt for Illugi Swordbreaker quest.

Just updated the page for Varis Samuel, i don’t think that one made the “official” list of updates.

One weird thing I’ve noticed is that the “updates” that are supposed to show what pages have been updated most recently quite often don’t show updates that I make. So you guys might want to check out the page for The Prophecy, the Great Wildwood Forest, and maybe the Red Bishop Army. If you haven’t already. I’ll try to keep this updated with stuff I add to the wiki, as needed. And if you haven’t already, check out the Thomas Jade Dreams journal. Just added something to the page for South Tildris, go check it out. It’s a clue. Other recent additions are Freeport and Raj Tal, although those have more to do with the first campaign that me, Mike, Jesse, and Buddy all played in. And who knows, if we were to cross the Bitter Sea from Freeport, we might come upon the Elsir Vale and meet Jeffric and Nighteyes, Miranda, Nya Niku, Ishkabibble, Durin, and Dag from the Scales of War campaign…

Past Infos

First up, a little calendar nonsense. Inad Samuel and Ghesh Bherghav joined the Northrend Militia on a Sunday (that’s payday for them, 3pg a week as officers, yippee!), which happened to be the 4th day of Spring. They left for Boyden on Monday morning, arriving Monday evening just before being surprised by the Vampire Raid that started off our campaign. Monday night/Tuesday morning was spent chasing the Raiding Party, so Tuesday was spent asleep at the Boyden Inn. Tuesday evening saw the PCs heading back to catch up to Nevarr Burvelle and find the vampires’ lair, so Tuesday night was spent sleeping in the Rivers Family crypt, and it’s now Wednesday…

So our PCs were awakened by a Vampire group trying to get into their secret hiding place in the Rivers Family Crypt, and though it was a difficult battle thanks to the addition of a new enemy, the Vampire Necromancer, we eventually overcame the foul foe and traveled onwards to the Rivers Family Estate. Admittedly, I hadn’t planned much more than “We go up to the front door and walk in!” but then, I’m still pretty new to this DM’ing thing (that excuse won’t last much longer, i think), so hopefully next time I’ll have a little better idea of what to prepare for you guys to play with. Anyway after fighting a chilling battle vs some Vampiric Lowlife Scum who were trying their damndest to suck a little blood out of Gorga and Armand, we finally met none other than Davis Rivers! “What’s going on, I heard a commotion!” Rivers turns out to not be a vampire himself, but instead goes a little nuts when he finds Armand in his house, and begs Armand and the other heroes to save his sister Amalthea from the dread vampire Corben (who is apparently looking for Armand, as we’ve heard from two different sources now….). D’Angelo Redcape seems to be a particular nemesis of Mr Rivers, since he has practically left track marks up and down Rivers’ neck….a tactic calculated to keep Davis living in perpetual fear of contracting Vampire Venom even though the ritualist Kulgan of Delwyn has told us that apparently it isn’t possible for a dhampyr to impart the disease. This Kulgan has also provided the PCs with yet another ritual for their new ritual book, and a very interesting Kalium-tipped arrow . Kulgan and the bartender of the tavern he lives above have clued the PCs into a new quest, ridding the town of Delwyn of the mysteriously menacing drakes that have pulled Tristin’s patrol off-course. And with that we end our tale, our PCs on the verge of attaining level 3, and wait until 2 weeks have passed to take up our dice again…

6/18 update:
Everyone but Nick (lol), if you have time this week, please draw up some wishlists of items you want to receive. and please update your character pages, if you haven’t already, with a list your current feats and magic items, and it would even help if you include what powers you know. this really helps me plan out stuff that is both challenging and awesome, and allows me to let you guys find the items you want to find without just saying “ok you find a lvl 4 item, who gets it and what do they decide it is?” because i think that sucks some realism out of the game. it’s more true to life to find something that’s neat and works for you, but that, like mike’s Cloak of the Walking Wounded, you’ll try to trade with another PC when something better comes along. not everything gets handed to you =)

our discussion on character death went really well i think. and it certainly takes a lot of pressure off of me. if everyone is ok with bad decisions, bad dice rolls, and tactical mistakes occasionally leading to PC death, then i don’t have to outrageously fudge die rolls behind my screen when i think things are going bad. if i’m not worried about handling your PCs with kid gloves, then that gives them the opportunity to overcome more hurdles and really have that mean something, because now you know that i’m not going to give you extra saves or HPs to keep your characters alive if they get themselves in a tough spot. when they do emerge from said tough spot, you’ll know that it’s truly because they are awesome heroes! and that makes the game more fun for everyone, i think.

6/10 update (archived):
Level 2!! So far our PCs have been ambushed in the dead of night by a Vampire raiding party, led by D’Angelo Redcape, a particularly dashing dhampyr who, according to local rumor, has been leading such raids quite often (even during daylight hours!). The raiding party carried off several of the citizens of Boyden, including a young tavern wench named Bella. We tracked the raiding party through the night, finally catching them in a forest clearing where they faced a Death Master Shroud summoned by the Vampire Mages in an attempt to slow them down, but instead the PCs were able to free the captives and escort them quickly back to Boyden, completing their first major quest! They were quickly assaulted by local tough guy (and douchebag) Thomas Jade, who apparently hates Armand with a passion. While Karash met with his local Empty Hand contact to finish up some business, Armand and Inad went to speak with Athaina to determine the extent of Bella’s injuries. There they were given a minor quest to seek the athelas herb near the base of Morningfall Summit, for Athaina’s stores are running low, and she needs this herb to cure the cursed Vampire Venom. We set out again, intending to track the raiding party back to their base of operations and end their threat once and for all. Nevarr Burvelle had been left behind to keep tabs on the vampires, and luckily he survived the day and was able to show the PCs where the vampires had gone to ground. After a couple of encounters with snakes and drakes, the PCs entered the vampire’s cave and found a tunnel taking them north. We had some trouble with an acid pit right in our way, but taking on a warren of wererats was nothing too difficult, although a few PCs now have Filth Fever to contend with….

5/29 update (archived):
Now that we’ve got a play session under our belts, it’s time to really populate this wiki with some knowledge. I’ve updated the links at the bottom of the page to feature your PC’s real names, and also created the beginnings of those pages with what little information I have about them. However, your PC’s wiki page is YOUR PAGE, so feel free to edit it any way you want (as long as there’s information for everybody to see!). Anything you want to keep private from the other players, just send it to me as a private message, and I can add it to a special “GM Only” box that appears to me and me only on each wiki page. This can be information that your PC is keeping secret from the other PCs, or information that is being kept secret from your PC! An example would be, who killed Karash‘s parents and what “tome of Ioun” were they trying to steal? Also, please feel free to make up names of characters and places in your PC’s background, like Mike coming up with South Tildris for his home town and Jesse coming up with “Northrend” and “Boyden.” Give me names of people and places, and maybe we’ll find them in the game…..