Warwing Guard

The group of adventurers who saved Boyden from D’Angelo Redcape and Delwyn from Bejik Vulthaner. Then they followed it up by taking out two thirds of the Stormcrow Company at the request of Brand, Crown Prince of Northrend. They then set off for the southern regions, following the long-cold trail of Illugi Swordbreaker and simultaneously destroying the last member of the Stormcrow Company as well as the foundation of the corrupt Church of Ioun. They returned to Northrend to find their young friend Davis Rivers missing, rumor insisting that he had been captured by vampires. They trailed him north, into the stronghold of their enemy Corben, where they freed Davis and his sister Amalthea from the clutches of Vampirism, also killing Corben. Returning to Northrend, they found a black cloud marching toward the city: an arcane Dimmendark that prophecy named the Myrkenwall. Under its shadow, a vampire horde marched upon the city, assaulting the walls just hours after Crown Prince Brand was near-fatally poisoned in his own Great Hall. The Warwing Guard led the defense of the city, eventually heading North to Regist, where the Eldest Vampire, Vlad Dracul, and his Myrkenstone waited. They infiltrated the vampire’s fortress, soon killing him and destroying the Myrkenwall, but returned to Northrend to find the Keep possessed by the Blood War, demons and devils raging through its corridors. In the Great Hall, they killed Kamahl of the Order of the Empty Hand, summoner of all these evils, and finally found a modicum of rest. But clues left behind by Kamahl pointed to Aginmot, the Poisoner who holds Brand near death, and his quest to recover news of the missing warlock Draigdurroch has launched the Warwing Guard into the Feywild in search of the only way they can restore the King of Northrend, their benefactor….

Warwing Guard members include:

Armand the Dhampyr

Cide Goodbottle

Ghesh Bherghav of the Redmark Clan

Gorga of the Mel Tribe

Inad Samuel of South Tildris

Karash, son of Mikal

Warwing Guard

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