Untza - An Unfinished Story

Untza: An Unfinished Story is a history of the United Empire of Untza written by Anna Wamposa and published in the fifth year of the reign of Emperor Braxon II (approximately 300 years ago). As such, it does not contain any information on the events leading up to the lizard wars. Below are some of the highlights—dates appearing in brackets correspond with the current calendar.

Conditions throughout most of the known Untzan continent are harsh. To the west, the Silver Crest Mountains are known to be impenetrable. The inhospitable Mogg Desert takes up much of the interior, though nomadic tribes are still known to wander the High Plains to its south. In the Northeast, Volker’s Swamp inhibits any sort of human settlement. To the southeast lies the dreaded Spirit Forest, into which no human would dare step foot. Between The Fog to the north and Sahuagin raiders to the south, even the coast provided little comfort to our founders.

Consequently, Untzan civilization primarily developed around the life-giving River Java. Our earliest records date back to around 500 years Before Untza (BU) [2500 years ago].

Disa was founded around this time, and quickly became the continent’s largest city. The delta at the confluence of the Java and Mischa River provided plenty of food and easy transportation. Because it was located 48 miles from the coast, Disa was safe from Sahuagin raids. It was there that General Kalen Untza I made his base of operations, and began uniting the various races and communities in the common fight against the Sahuagin.

The Sahuagin Wars raged from approximately 9 BU to 1 BU. They were finally ended when General Untza and Baron Az’Kham’Pe signed the Treaty of the Underground River. Under the terms of that treaty, the mouth of the Underground River became the dividing boundary between Untzan-controlled coast and waters to the north and Sahuagin-controlled coast and waters to the south. Towns and villages across the land cheered General Untza, and welcomed him as the land’s first emperor.

In the following centuries, worship of Ahriman grew in popularity, especially after that deity was known to have provided food and comfort during the dark days of Emperor Tynion the Terrible. For over a millennium, Ahriman blessed the Empire with peace and prosperity. It is not known what drove Ahriman to tyranny, though Belzer speculates in his now famous The Lives and Deaths of Ahriman that an attempt bringing love and light to the Shadowfell drove Ahriman mad.

Every child today knows the story of how Gavriel the Evergreen led the Godslayer Guild in the quest to end Ahriman’s control over the Empire during the last few years of the reign of Empress Abbia the Fearless [approximately 900 years ago]. The most celebrated and detailed account of this period was written by the Archmage of Untza himself in Volume II of his The Complete Journeys of Gavriel the Evergreen.

Untza - An Unfinished Story

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