United Empire of Untza

The United Empire of Untza was the name of civilization that ruled Lako Lar east of the Silver Crest Mountains. Though pockets of surviving humans still identify as members of the empire, it is generally considered to be defunct.

At its peak, the Untzan Empire stretched from the Silver Crest Mountains in the west to the Great Ocean in the east. Civilization primarily developed on the east coast and along the River Java, the major artery of the land. Much of the western half of the empire is dominated by the Mogg Desert to the north and the arid steppe known as the High Plains in the south. Much of the southeastern part of the country is the unexplored Spirit Forest; legend has it that far to the south used to lie the elvish city of Sylvania, and a gateway to the realm of Arborea. The capital was the centrally located city of Disa, while the coastal twin cities of Bradfordshire and Accrington were the commercial heart of the empire.

For ancient history, see Anna Wamposa’s Untza – An Unfinished Story.

The war between the United Empire of Untza and the creatures known as the “lizards” is believed to have started several hundred years ago. At that time, all of the great wizards mysteriously vanished; the lizards are suspected to have taken them out first. Magic has been essentially non-existent in the empire ever since, nor are any other race besides humans and “lizards”.

It was around 200 years ago that society began to notice an uptick in small communities worshiping a previously forgotten ancient deity named Ahriman. Doctors began to find that worshipers all carried parasites, about seven inches long and an inch and half thick. Within a few decades (about 150 years ago), Emperor Braxon III began a campaign to exterminate the growing number of Ahrimanians, but they could never seem to wipe them out; in fact, the armies soon found themselves facing hitherto unseen lizard creatures. The Great Lizard War officially began 75 years ago. Though pockets of free humans remain, the war is considered to over with the lizards victorious as the land’s new rulers.

Known free human communities include:

  • The Floating Fortress of Kir, which protects Darvin Kahied, the last Emperor of Untza. The fortress is also reputed to be home to a great healer who can remove the lizard larvae.
  • The 10th Regimen, who protect a small community in the foothills northeast of Mount Amohat.
    *The city of Disa has been liberated from Ahriman’s influence. The vacuum of power has lead to disarray.

An Abridged List of the Emperors and Empresses of Untza:
Kalen Untza I
Tynion the Terrible
Abbia the Fearless
Justina I
Braxon II
Justina IV (also: Justina the Wise)
George V
Braxon III
Justina V
Gielson Kahied
Gielson Kahied II
Darvin Kahied


United Empire of Untza

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