Third Year War

Also known as the Five Clans War by the Dragonborn. Most people think the name “Third Year War” is a misnomer and the war should actually be called the “Three Year War” but the war actually lasted over four years.

Nearly twenty-five years ago, in an early attempt at empire-building, the Southern Human nation of Norellon moved suddenly to annex the crossroads of the Trade Road and the Southern Way, an important overland trade route near the center of the continent. They claimed the surrounding area as part of their “empire” and began taxing every caravan prohibitively, whether they were traveling south to Norellon or not. With trade choked off, the elves in the Water Bay and Greenwood Forest areas formed an alliance with their eastern neighbors the dragonborn (who at this point formed the Five Clans Nation) to protest the annexation. After a small show of force by the Alliance, the human armies gathered. The war officially started in early spring with a major offensive by the humans and a counterattack by the Alliance, and, just before midwinter, a sort of ceasefire was established between the two sides while diplomacy ensued. For nearly two years, both fronts sat without any bloodshed while ongoing talks tried to solve the border and trade disputes.

In the third year of the war, on Midsummer’s Day (a holiday), the new King of Norellon, Patrus Delloric, flush with the promise of making a name for himself, ambushed the Alliance with great force, breaking through the lines and winning a major victory. It was this decisive battle that the war is named for.

Fighting continued for over another year, but eventually the humans wore down the Alliance and retained control of the crossroads, as well as winning major concessions from the surrendering kingdoms.

Varis Samuel fought for the Alliance in the Third Year War at a young age, and was at the Battle of Midsummer’s Day (known to the coalition as the Betrayal of Midsummer’s Day).

Kheljis Tiburcaex and Arjhan Bherghav fought for the Alliance in the Third Year War as members of the Hammer of the Five Clans, and were also at the Betrayal of Midsummer’s Day.

Third Year War

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