The Exploits of the Kalme Aarde as told by Cide Goodbottle

Ah, it is by no spot of luck that we are united my friend. Too oft the written word is abused by brutes and beggars. The master’s touch is what you need. But stifle your praise a second while I remind you that I am but a fragment of a much greater whole. Daria is my Sun, and so I am the moon. Worship me if you must, but remember that my light comes from another. Daria is the beauty that I must spread o’er this earth man walks so that all may one day know her infinite warmth. For now, you must journey with me and me alone.

After lumbering through that damned forest for what seemed an eternity, curses upon that wretched old and bearded pale-skinned devil, I finally came to the human settlement of Boyden, under siege by vampire raiding parties. There’s a certain society of bleeders that see their blood better than others. They swear by human and human alone, but cowards as they are, they are no where to be found when their people are in trouble. It is the fool that doubts his fellows in times of struggle. Still, I could see that my talents were once again needed by the world, and finally free from those dark, dark woods, I could once again shine as a knight of valor.

Many days brought the fall of many undead to the blades of my new allies and I. We rescued the hostages the vampires had taken, only to find they require athelas to be truly healed of what ails them. I always see my duties to others through to their conclusion, and off to Morningfall Summit we went.

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I would like to commemorate the epic deeds of Ghesh in song. I don’t believe that it will be fully understood for many generations to come…

There once was a dragonborn fond of necromancy.
Bejik his name, he turned tail to run like a nancy.
Ghesh wanted his spear,
so he smeared that queer,
and got us the loots and xps that we so fancy.

The Exploits of the Kalme Aarde as told by Cide Goodbottle

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