Stormcrow Company

Legendary adventuring company who occasionally served Northrend’s Kalium-Forged Throne. Came into possession of the Wrathstone and it evidently corrupted them. Each of the three major members of the company allegedly carried away a piece of the item. Recovering the complete Wrathstone and destroying it constitutes a major quest.

Brand’s story about the company:

“My father had hired the Stormcrow Company to track down a Vampire Lord who had utterly destroyed the township of ”/wikis/Loudwater/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Loudwater to the west. The militia had been unable to stand up to him, falling back before the power of an artifact he wielded. He could always be heard calling upon its power; he named it the Wrathstone. The Stormcrows, led by Illugi Swordbreaker, Agera of the Shadow Face, and the Emerald Warlock, were tasked with destroying this Vampire Lord and returning the Wrathstone to my father.

“They returned nearly a month later, bearing not the Wrathstone but a single shard they claimed came from it, as it was destroyed upon leaving the Vampire Lord’s skin. And they demanded twice their already-collected fee, claiming it was their due. My father offered them a bonus for a job well done, if they handed over the artifact, but stood firm against their outrageous demands. They stormed out, but not before Agera promised that he would regret his actions. Not in so many words….she called him some rather terrible names and pronounced a curse on the city. When my father related the story to me, one of the curses always stood out in my mind: ‘May the rats of the sewer boil up and overflow!’ And that seems to be what is happening more and more often. I have never heard so many tales of rats and wererats in this city, not in all my years. It occurs to me that some lingering evil, set in motion by that curse, has finally awoken.

“No, that was the beginning of the end for the Stormcrow Company. Not long after that they burned half of ”/wikis/delwyn" class=“wiki-page-link”>Delwyn. None of them have been seen in over a decade, although I did hear that Illugi Swordbreaker was last seen attempting a swordfight with a boat at anchor in South Tildris. Gone mad from consorting with Agera and the Emerald Warlock, no doubt."

Stormcrow Company

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