Randyll Tarly

Human shopkeeper (deceased). Randyll runs the general store in Boyden, but it’s only a cover for his role in the Order of the Empty Hand.

Recently came into possession of a Content Not Found: 40534, which seems to have taken possession of him and turned him into something almost vampiric in nature. It evidently gave him visions of Corben in Tower Watch and compelled him to journey there seeking his “master.” The cloak has now been taken from him and given to Thomas Jade, but Randyll’s mind remains fractured.

Healing Tarly of the Vampiric Cloak’s influence would have been a minor quest, but the PCs never followed up.

Randyll Tarly’s dead body was found near the Laughing Maid tavern in Northrend. He had been completely drained of blood without a mark on his body, probably a victim of Thomas Jade.

Randyll Tarly

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