Order of the Empty Hand

Guild of thieves, assassins, and criminals based in Northrend. Involved in the political machinations of the empire. Most recently led by Kamahl, a rogue semi-schooled in intra-planar teleportation. A small portion of the guild maintains and safeguards teleportation circles around Northrend and the outlying towns. Finding a command center is difficult. It is speculated that the nerve centers of the organization are reachable only by a labyrinthine tangle of hallways and teleportation circles. On top of that, the guild operates a carriage service it uses to smuggle items of value and move its guild members to places around Northrend in order to affect events and deal with people (through intimidation, diplomacy, and ((in extreme cases)) assassination) in the guild’s favor.

The Empty Hand’s primary goal is to be the hidden power in control of the empire. Otherwise it functions as a thieves guild is expected to. A large part of the membership deals with standard pickpocketing and other petty thievery. Another portion is involved in acquisition of extremely valuable items, artifacts, and otherwise as well as a subdivision that acquires important information. But the crux of its operations is dependent on the arcane, both in the aforementioned teleportation circles as well as magical support in its thievery and acquisitions. The Guild primarily employs alchemy in shaping aural, tactile, and visual effects, but also utilizes magic quite often in its operations.

The guild maintains production facilities for both magical weapons and armor as well as potions and such for use in upkeep of facility as well as use in operations. A small crew of enchanters, alchemists, and weaponsmiths aid layman wood and metal workers in this endeavor. It is of utmost importance that the guild hire no outside help, in this way maintaining it’s secrecy and empowering its bargaining position. It is now working on acquisition of land suitable for agriculture to reduce it’s need to purchase food, as well as purchasing existing textile factories. Suffice it to say, the guild has a laundry list of goals in the foreseeable, and not so foreseeable, future.

Most recently, the guild’s leadership attempted to take control of the Keep in Northrend, and by extension the Kalium-forged Throne. The Warwing Guard was able to infiltrate the Keep and kill several high-rankings members of the guild, including Fortune, Three-Knives Tarvas, and Guildmaster Kamahl himself.

Members include:

Kamahl (deceased)

Fortune (deceased)

Three-Knives Tarvas (deceased)


Miria (deceased)

Randyll Tarly (deceased)

Mikal (deceased)

Shamagg (deceased)

Order of the Empty Hand

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