City eternally at war with the Vampire threat of the North. Northrend is the capital of a large region, including such smaller villages as Boyden and Delwyn to the east.

The city proper has four quarters: Military, Official, Merchant, and Thieves. The Official Quarter contains temples to Bahamut, Erathis, and Kord (the Church of Ioun has been negotiating with the King Aurion for some time to build their own temple in the quarter), as well as the Keep (the original Northrend Fort from the Nerath Empire, now home to the Royal Family). The Military Quarter contains barracks and taverns, such as the Blue Bees.

Geographically, Northrend is positioned atop a great fissure that tears its way across the landscape. The Glacian River flows through this fissure, winding its way through the Glacial Wastelands to the Northeast, and eventually emptying into the Myrth Sea. To the North, beyond the Glacial Wastelands, are the foothills of the Magnate Mountain Range. To the South and East, beyond King Aurion‘s vassals, lies the Great Wildwood Forest. The only roads through the forest to civilization are the King’s Road and Merrick’s Cross. Between the castle and the forest stretches the Copian Plain.

Economically, Northrend has only one chief export: Kalium.

Home to:

The Royal Family

The Rothchild Family

Most members of the Northrend Militia

Many members of the Order of the Empty Hand

Some members of the Red Bishop Society

Miria, human healer

Bargenol, Tiefling ritualist


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