Lako Lar

The third continent of Erath, joining Soltana and Mithyria to form the whole of the World. It lies far to the west, across the Great Sea.

The largest city in Lako Lar is Erril Lar, which is found on the west coast at the mouth of the Desdiphony River. Erril Lar serves as the capital city for the Larrin Nation, which dominates much of the continent. As such, it serves as the home of King Jamsheed Marwood and his family.

The center of the continent is known as the Heartland, and served as the Larrin breadbasket until the droughts of recent decades. The north is largely unexplored, and has recently been plagued by gnoll attacks.

To the east, Lakol Lar is dominated by the impenetrable Silver Crest Mountains. The southern arm of that range is known as the Greater Silver Crest Mountains; it’s ancient glaciers are known to contain secrets, both wonderful and terrifying. To north, the range becomes the Lesser Silver Crest Mountains; it is believed that if the range is ever to be traversed, it is there that the pass will be discovered. The two ranges are divided in the center by the massive, volcanic Mount Reiniar, which dominates the landscape at 36,000 feet. East of the mountains lie the remains of the once powerful United Empire of Untza.

In the foothills of those mountains lie numerous towns and villages, including the great center of learning, the city and university of Silver Hawk. Recently, the town of Bolston has become the agricultural center of the Larrin Nation.

To the west is located the powerful island nation of Droyan which is ruled by Queen Fion DeLacourte.

Approximately 50 years ago, mysterious plots of Felground began to appear across the land. Although Lakol Lar’s bravest warriors managed to fend off the creatures that accompanied these blights, no one knows for certain how or why these hellish spots appeared, or how or why the apparent invasion ended. What is known is that those tracts of land, though now devoid of any evil or magic, have sat fallow ever since. This loss of valuable farmland, alongside the worst decade of drought that has ever been known, has lead to widespread famine across the continent.

Meanwhile, near the remote mountain village of Bolston, the harvests have been unprecedentedly bountiful. It is suspected that is the reason behind a recent invasion from the Untzan Empire. The attacking forces slaughtered most of the population of Bolston before being stopped by the King’s forces.


Lako Lar

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