Inad Samuel

Elf. Ranger. Outcast. Hayne Kasar reborn.

Twenty years old. Outlaw in his own land. Alone in this frozen wasteland. Now carries a powerful Kalium-tipped arrow named Content Not Found: Slayer and constantly wears a mysterious Betrothal Locket .

My name is Inad Samuel. My childhood friends called me “i.” I don’t know what became of any of my childhood friends. I never really got to finish my childhood. I was born to a moderately respected family in the southlands. My father was a smart man. He owned two businesses in my hometown, South Tildris. We lived on Water Bay, off of the Great Sea, which I always thought was the worst name for a bay ever. But I suppose “The Great Sea” isn’t the most creative name for a sea. Water Bay was beautiful, tranquil. Lots of travelers came for a holiday. My father, Varis Samuel, owned an inn right on the water and a market nearby. He was a smart man. And fair. Not rich, but hardworking and fair. He fought in the Third Year War when he was young. I was proud to be his son. He was always proud to be my father. Until I turned 16.

On my 16th birthday, it happened. I had been going around with a certain girl. Mealin. Such a beautiful name. She was the daughter of the mayor. He was right, he was powerful, he was scary. I hated being around him because I was so intimidated by him. Anyway, on my 16th birthday me and the girl were together. She wanted for us to be together intimately. I was scared. I told her no, we shouldn’t. She was offended. As beautiful as she was, I think she took it as an insult; that I didn’t want to be with her. I was just scared, of her father mostly. Her father had a certain boy already picked out for her, it seemed. It wasn’t me. I was a nobody, as was my father. Well, she cried and told me never to speak with her again. I left, upset with myself and with fate. The next day, I woke up to shouts from outside my house. My father was arguing with someone, I heard him say “My son is not a rapist!” Turns out that after I spurned the girl, she banged herself up a bit, went to her father, and told him I raped her. My side of the story didn’t matter, and I knew it. I saw my father look back at me in the house, and the look in his eyes broke me. I had never before seen such disappointment. I took my belongings, which was pretty much nothing save a few coppers and my father’s old longbow he taught me to use, and jumped out the back window. I fled town, never looking back.

Now I’m here. I hate the cold. Been here for 4 years, don’t think I’ll ever get used to it. I hate the people up here too.

Inad Samuel

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