Ghesh Bherghav

Dragonborn. Warlord. Military background. Ghesh has recently discovered that his real father is Kheljis Tiburcaex, and he is not happy with him for keeping this information a secret for so long.

Ghesh Bhergav of the Redmark Clan is a bronze dragonborn birthed to a clan of red. Because of this obvious difference, Ghesh is somewhat of an outcast. Ghesh’s family is looked down upon and there’s speculation that Arjhan Bherghav is not his real father. But Arjhan loved him regardless of what others might think. Because of this pain he’s brought upon them, Ghesh strives to bring honor to his family. Ghesh desires to be a red dragonborn above all else.

Once, at the age of 12, Ghesh met a warlock who claimed he could make Ghesh’s scales red. The warlock led him into a trap. Ghesh managed to escape, but not unscathed. As he ran from the dungeon that he had occupied for several weeks, the warlock cast a Soulscorch spell which cut a deep gash across Ghesh’s back. As Ghesh cried out in pain, the warlock let out a maniacal laugh and let him escape. Ghesh still has nightmares where he can hear that laughter.

Recently, that scar has started to itch.

His mother’s name is Annasses.

Ghesh Bherghav

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