Diary of Secrets

Entry One -

Traveling north. Ran into associate of Father’s from South Tildris. Luckily he didn’t recognize me, but I can’t be too safe.

Entry Two -

Hate the weather this direction. Almost to Northrend. Need to find a good cloak and some warm boots. Don’t know what work I’ll find up here. Maybe check with militia and see if they need trackers.

Entry Three -

Don’t think I’ll ever get used to this cold. Hired by militia. Good pay. Nice enough people, except one far too happy and talkative idiot. Hopefully won’t run into him again. Met a dragonborn named Ghesh. Stout fellow, knowledgeable warrior. Wouldn’t mind having him at my back.

Entry Four -

Haven’t had much time to write. Flurry of activity, lots of new companions. Dhampyrs up here are hard to kill. New adventurers mean new future with no shameful past. Hope none of them have even heard of South Tildris.

Entry Five -

Been keeping busy. Not much time to think of this Diary of Secrets. Found warm cloak. Constant combat is welcome. Bow skills only getting sharper. Father would be proud.

Entry Six -

Lot of time has passed since last entry. Found warmer boots. Met a prince. Not much to him. Still shouldn’t underestimate him. Even though he’s too weak to control his own city. Just like the mayor. Needed to disgrace me to further his own agenda. If only I could face him now, as a man. Focusing on this won’t do any good, need to move on and live new life. Old life is gone.

Prince was good for something. Sent us to the sewers. Found splendid locket. Feels like it’s been missing from my neck for a long time. Companions were vital in the fight. Took a big hit down there, then got grabbed by a vine horror. Would’ve been the end without them. Nice to not have to fight alone anymore.

Entry Seven -

Dreamt last night. Vivid. Don’t know what to make of it yet. Can’t give in to old feelings. New life. Forget old one.

Also, i hate that half-orc rogue. He keeps stealing my journal and writing in it. Running out of erasers.

Entry Eight -

Had another dream. Near death experience with an owlbear but companion saved me. Hate dreams. Too confusing.

Followed the rogue when he slipped away. Almost was boring, too easy, until we found that body. Feels like we failed him, Tarly. Must kill Jade.

Entry Nine -

Failed. If I only knew he could change shape into mist. Could’ve stopped him for good. Now Prince is sending us elsewhere. Damn. Father always said to finish what I started. First I failed Tarly and now I’m doomed to fail others. If only my damned brain could figure out this mystery and find Jade, my arrows could finish this.

Entry Ten -

Writing while we travel. Wildwood is nice. Feels like home. Well, the home I found after my home rejected me. Travel is boring though.

Entry Eleven -

Perhaps finally this damned winter will end. Productive week. Conquered ice tower. Burned Rivers Estate. Killed Thomas Jade – great weight lifted off me for this. Now it seems everyone is ready to go find Swordbreaker. Not ready to go home though.

Diary of Secrets

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