So far, we know very little about Cide. We have his name. We know he rides a pony named Byoki. We know he wears a ring on a silver chain around his neck, now revealed to be the signet of the Emerald Order. We can see his ridiculous rags of armor that don’t match the noble craftsmanship of the dagger he once wielded, the dagger that once functioned as only a Sunblade before revealing itself as the Forgotten Dagger of the Kalme Aarde …until it was stolen from him by one named Telenos of Shinaelestra and replaced by a Kalme Aarde Sunbladed dagger. We see the horn he carries. But we know nothing of his past…

Here then is the full story that none of our PCs have yet heard:

Though honorable and well-spoken, Cide Hemesh Goodbottle, Knight Captain in His Royal Highness King Reshi’s Army, is the portrait of ridiculous. His pauper armor, emblazoned with the Split Tree of Reshi, seriously contradicts his noble persona. The mighty horn hanging from his shoulder has a name: Yggdrasil. The ring looped on a silver chain around his neck belongs to none other than the lady Daria.

And the beautiful dagger in its nobly-wrought sheath at his side, it too has a story, but not one known to Cide, and he cannot yet bring himself to lie about this precious item. They are of finer craftsmanship than anything else he carries. It is possible the dagger may serve as some clue to his former life….especially since it has now revealed itself to be a Content Not Found: sunblade-northrend!

Cide is a good man trying to live a lawful good life. He adheres to the Aardent Code when he can, but has been known to break it when he deems it is necessary, though he won’t admit to it. For example, he has a distrust of those who wear beards. Perhaps this, and his inability to explain his dagger, suggest that he is, indeed, entirely lost in his madness.

Many years ago, a young halfling heard the story of the rise of the great kingdom of Galilei, with the appearance of Reshi, a man who could summon and dismiss storms to rival the Elemental Chaos, and his closest and most valiant followers, the Kalme Aarde.

Whether the story is history, legend, or folktale is unclear. Cide lives it as reality, and swears that he will one day revive the kingdom of Galilei and prove himself as a member of the Aarden.

Seven months ago, the world at large came to know Cide. At 3’11" and cloaked in a stunning suit of rag and patchwork armor of the Aarden, the halfling did not cut the most intimidating figure. The citizens of Goplen Glen may remember him otherwise. Let us just say that if he were ever to return, there would be trouble.

From this encounter, Cide realized that perhaps he was not as highborn as he originally thought, and could not just take what he wished. He removed all signs of the Kalme Aarde from his armor, vowing one day to rightfully earn them so that he may stand proud in front of the people of Galilei.

Cide has a hard time keeping quiet for long periods of time, and quickly began to realize that traveling alone was much too dangerous when he was nearly ambushed by a band of brigands. Thanks to Byoki, Cide escaped with his life and decided he had best join the next caravan he came upon.

Karl Donner and his family started traveling when they lost their house to a fire. Once too poor to settle down, they’ve come to appreciate the traveling life and the interesting folk that come with it. They allowed Cide to join the troupe with the assumption that he was a capable watch and quirky little storyteller.

Karl unknowingly knighted Cide thanks to Cide’s confusion of the words “night” and “knight”. Cide valiantly kept his post through the entire night, determined to prove that he was worthy of such a title, despite some minor protest from those asked to relieve him later. As the sun rose the next morning, Cide felt empowered. He embroidered Reshi’s lightning-struck tree to the chest of his shirt so that all would know what he had achieved.

Over the next few months, Cide enjoyed the company of the Donner Party. Karl proved to be a keen tradesman, and the size of the group offered security to those who wished to travel with them. One such tag-along, a boy of 15 whom Cide nicknamed Flea, was an aspiring minstrel. Cide and the boy spent many hours together, at Flea’s insistence, trading story for song.

One particularly long and ale-influenced night, Flea gifted a horn to Cide, naming him Captain of the Knight Watch. It was his practice to take the longest shifts, to reinforce that he deserved his knighthood, and to help earn his place in the caravan…for he had brought in little money to speak of. How Cide remembers this night’s happenings is unclear, but the next day saw new insignias in his cloth.

Then Cide met Daria. Details will be skipped, but it’s enough to say that Cide devoted himself to her. And it is in at least some part her fault that Cide found himself lost in the woods near Boyden, though Cide would never agree to this fact.

Daria lost her ring in the town of Anilin. He swore that he would return it to her, and she promised him that she would tell Karl and the party would leave directions to guide his return. After hours of searching, Cide finally found what he believed to be her ring. It had fallen into the fountain in the town square. By the time he returned to where he imagined his caravan to be, they were no where in sight. Cide, trying not to panic, decided it was best to continue on down the path.

He encountered an old, bearded man at a fork in the road. If Cide knew this man’s name, he would still be cursing it today, weeks later. This old man certainly led him astray. Cide ended up lost in the wilderness, and didn’t encounter humanity again until wandering into Boyden.


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