Church of Ioun

Religious society dedicated to upholding the worship of Ioun, the greater god of knowledge. Founded nearly five hundred years ago by its first Lector, Archbishop Thomas Avernus.

The Church (as revealed in the tome Knowledge That Purifies) has decreed the mixing of races (e.g., humans with orcs) to be evil and any product of such a union, such as half-orcs or even half-elves, “abomination.” Thus their persecution of Mikal and Shamagg, the parents of Karash. Those two evidently attempted to exact revenge upon the Church by stealing the mysterious tome, but their failure resulted in their deaths.

The Church of Ioun has for some months been negotiating with King Aurion of Northrend for permission to build a large temple in the Official Quarter of the City, permission which has recently been granted.

The Warwing Guard discovered the corruption at the heart of the Church: it was merely a front for servants of Orcus, still led by the powerful necromancer who founded the church so long ago. Their destruction of the Red Bishop led to the organization’s fall.

Church of Ioun

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