Human. Swordmage. Bastard. Dhampyr. Armand. Carries a Content Not Found: 62486.


Armand was the illegitimate child of a maiden, Dalia, from the kingdom of Northrend. During the final stages of her pregnancy, Dalia was taken by an invading horde of vampires. Before a detachment of the king’s men could save her, she was fed upon. They found her near death and took her to a local medicine woman. She couldn’t save Dalia, but Armand was born into the world that day.

The medicine woman, Dalena, was a close friend to Dalia. In fact, Dalena was beginning to train Dalia in the arcane arts. Upon Dalia’s death, Dalena pledged to raise Armand as her own.

Armand was raised with full knowledge of what happened to his mother and what caused him to be different from all of the other children. He developed an early hatred of vampires and the undead. At first, the children in Northrend treated Armand like any other boy; but, with the growing vampire threat from the far north, they began to fear and hate him for his differences.

Dalena began Armand’s training in the arcane arts at a young age, but growing fear in the area caused people’s view of magic to change from mysterious but helpful to dark and dangerous. Dalena and Armand became feared and hated by most of the surrounding people; only a direct edict from the Royal family spared this small family from an all out physical altercation.

Aurion, King of Northrend, released an edict that commanded all teenage boys to receive martial training, in preparation for the looming threat from the north. Armand took to the sword like a fish took to water. He quickly stood out from the rest of the boys and was given rank among them and special training; this was another source of resentment among his peers. This special training was given by the best swordsman in the kingdom, the king’s son, Crown Prince Brand.

When Armand was 16, Dalena was killed by a mob accusing her of aiding the vampires, because there was a rash of still births in the city. Armand was in the castle when this happened and therefore unaware that it was taking place. The prince gave him the bad news and said that the murderers had been captured and punished. Armand was so distraught he fled the castle and headed into the wilderness. He blamed all those who give in to bigotry and irrational fear for his matriarch’s death.

Today, Armand is a loner who distrusts almost everyone. He fights a silent battle against vampires and the undead in the wilderness north of the Kingdom of Northrend. He has combined the skills of his three lives: the blade, arcane power, and the blood of a vampire coursing through his veins. He tends to stay away from large towns, only staying long enough to resupply and gain some information that may aid him on his unending quest.


The first time he ever held a sword in his hand, the instant connection he felt with it.

Hearing the news that his mother-figure Dalena had died, first thinking that it must have been vampires, then only to hear that it was an angry mob of humans…it destroyed his only connection to them.

Looking into the face of a young boy and actually contemplating drinking the blood of this innocent person. This is his most shameful memory, one that haunts him every day of his life.


Crown Prince Brand, his father


Thomas Jade, dead

Red Bishop Society


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