Human Monk


Grey (last name unknown, even to himself) is a 24 year-old human monk. He is friendly, outgoing, quick to help and/or make a joke. His engaging personality helps people to feel they know him well, despite the fact that avoids talking much about himself.

Grey was clearly raised far from traditional Nairn territories. When asked about his homeland, he simply replies “You’ve never heard of it,” and changes the subject. Grey believes his secret is safe; that he blends in well in Nairn country. In fact his accent and lack of understanding of cultural norms causes him to stick out quite badly.

It is known that his parents were killed when he was very young, and he has hazy recollections of begging for food on the streets at an early age. At a young age he was taken in by an order of monks: fundamentalist followers of Bahamut and practitioners of the Stone Fist tradition. They initially believed Grey to be a prodigy, but he instead became a drop-out. He does not believe in Gods, but has become more interested in the teachings of Avandra.

Grey appears to be wandering; he has never talked about how or why he came to the Nairn Valley. He has mentioned having originally travelled with a lover: a Psion named Zasha. She seems to have inspired him to learn the ways of a Psion, though he has yet to explore than option.


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