Inad Samuel

Elven Ranger currently adventuring with the War Wing Guard


STR 13 CON 12 DEX 19 INT 11 WIS 17 CHA 10
AC 21 FORT 17 REF 20 WILL 18
HP 49

Uses the Longbow (Quick +2) his father taught him to use as a child. Found a mysterious Mithral Locket (+2). Wears a Headband of Perception, Wildrunners, Addergrease Hide Armor (+1), and Lunia’s Bracelet. Trained in the skills of Acrobatics, Endurance, Heal, Nature, Perception, and Stealth. Learned the feats of Defensive Mobility, Brutal Accuracy, Weapons Focus (Bow), Weapon Expertise (Bow), Student of Battle (Multi-class Warlord), and Secure Encampment.


Inad Samuel ran from his home of South Tildris when he was barely able to be considered a man. Supposedly guilty of rape, he lived much of his life as an escaped criminal, though he was wrongly accused. Yearns to return home but his honor has still not healed. Learned to survive on his own in the wild, and thus is a quiet man, reluctant to give out personal information except to his closest friends (of which right now he has none).

Residing in Northrend and the surrounding area has been slightly difficult for Inad. Joining the militia has given him some sort of direction, which he has lacked for much of his life; the change may prove difficult for someone as used to being alone as Inad is. The climate is also a challenge: being from the Southlands means he is unused to the cold weather, and he aches for warmer boots, and will probably need to upgrade his hide armor to winterproof it soon also. One exciting acqusition for Inad recently was a warm cloak to replace his old tattered one. He still wears the hide armor, leather boots, and leather gloves he himself made from the hides of wild animals he hunted and trapped while surviving the world alone.

Inad Samuel

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