First generation Half-Orc rogue in the Order of the Empty Hand. Has an ambitious 10 year plan.


Str 19 Con 12 Dex 19 Int 10 Wis 8 Cha 12
AC 18 Fort 17 Ref 19 Will 14
Init +8 Spd 6

Trained in: Acrobatics, Athletics, Bluff, Dungeoneering, Stealth, Thievery
Feats: Backstabber, Quick Draw, Poisoner
Wpns: Duelist’s Antique Arkhosian Dagger, bitches lvl 3
Armor: Basic Leather
Neck: Cloak of Distortion +1


Karash is a first generation half orc, born to mother Shamagg and father Mikal. Rogues of the Empty Hand. They came by the guild after a hard life of persecution when Karash was 6. They had been chased out of the capitol city when it had been found that Mikal had not only participated in what the Church of Ioun (where he was a member in good standing) considered a perverse relationship, but had allowed events to escalate that he and Shamagg had born an abomination. So they left, after helping themselves to some of the wealth of the church, not only in gold but knowledge.

Mikal had shown himself adept at illusory magic of all sorts, while Shamagg was surprisingly graceful, silent, and predatory, if not a little less subtle when it came to the art of combat. So the two began running cons and perfecting their art, all the while training their son so that he may survive should they ever fail. They taught him of magic, and hunting, of the wrongs good men can do and how to avoid the same mistakes. Most importantly, the art of justice. The holy men in whom they had trusted, some of the most knowledgeable men in the world, had expressed ignorance far beneath themselves and had caused unnecessary pain to befall the family. Ioun had wronged them, and not only was there a debt incurred, its payment (while satisfying their debt to Karash’s family) would solve no problem. Only Karash and his family would be satisfied, and that was not enough for their family, Shamagg especially. Under the guise of Mikal’s deft aural and visual distortions, they now live and serve with the Order of the Empty Hand.

As Karash grew, he learned the art and finesse of the rogue from his father, who was a brilliant tactician. His mother taught him to trust his hunter’s eye and embrace and control the savagery within him. He climbed through the ranks, served as a runner, a pickpocket, a saboteur, a “protector”, an enforcer, a cat burglar and finally, at the age of 21, he ascended to assassin. Of the lower order of things, it was the highest. But this was now only his foot in the door to greater things, control of the guild and eventually control of the city. He was young, one of the youngest, and now the world lay at his feet and he need only pick it up.

The next day, his parents were dead.

He was told they died stealing one of Ioun’s most holy tomes from a private collection. Why they never told him about this, he was curious. Until then, they had disclosed everything with him. It was the way they survived and their legacy was to live, that they and their familiy in spirit, all under persecution, would be avenged. They died stealing a tome they were obviously extremely uncomfortable telling him about. Why?

In what free time he has, he spends probing, searching, leaning on informants, all in order to find the secrets of Ioun.Today however he is busy. The hunt of a mark has brought him to the town of Boyden. So that’s that.


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